Heat Bags Plus


The Back Pack is a long standing favourite and a great gift idea for a family or friend or just for yourself if you are looking to ease your aches and pains look no further. Your posture even improves when you have it on. 

The larger bag very useful for lower back / thigh can be used on shoulder and arm area or across knees.  

100% Natural Lupin. A drug free alternative for aches and pains.

We are using these Lupin heat bags in our salon and we sell them as well. We have found that Lupin in the bags makes the heat last much longer!!!

* Not treated with chemicals
* Heat or freeze
* Fully hand washable
* No odour
* Forms to your body shape
* 30% lighter than traditional heat packs
* 99% allergy free
* Gluten free

A client may have pain in a specific area and these heat bags are wonderful relief. When doing a massage, a heat bag is often used during treatment for those in pain.

Lupin heat bags should also be used at home for after care. Those who suffer with pain in their muscles or who suffer from things like arthritis find great relief.

Try giving a special person in your life one as a gift. You'll be surprised how grateful they will be!



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